A downloadable game for Windows

The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe.

Welcome, fellow Flat Earther!

Follow our glorious leader, Captain Clark, on his epic quest to prove that the Earth is indeed truly flat

How is Captain Clark going to accomplish his mission? With his Meat Propelled Orbital Vehicle (MPOV), of course. He built it himself. .

Don't let the Globeheads silence us.

Fadi Botoros

2D Graphics:
Joen Bager
Marius Nilsson
Tobias Stålhammar

Prescott Blackler

Niklas Fallenius

Project Manager:
Haqvin Bager

The game was created during a game jam at Forbergs in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme of the game jam was "Flat Earth".

Install instructions

Download a zipped version of the game. To run the game you will have to extract all the files. When you have extracted all the files you can play the game by starting the ClarksDomeBreaker.exe


ClarksDomeBreaker1.0.zip 28 MB


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Fun game! I hope there will be more update!